How we designed a modular RPO solution to support hiring for franchised auto dealerships

How we designed a modular RPO solution to support hiring for franchised auto dealerships


Establishing a hiring structure for an organisation of franchised dealerships

Our customer, a luxury auto brand, needed to establish hiring processes for their franchised dealerships in the United Kingdom.

In this case, a one size fits all RPO programme was not feasible and the customer needed an innovative and flexible solution.

The challenge

Designing a flexible use programme

While our customer wanted to provide hiring structure, it’s important to note that franchises would not be required to use the RPO programme once established.

Locations could choose to engage the RPO programme or continue to recruit and hire independently via their own onsite teams or preferred staffing firm.

How we helped

Bringing insights and meaningful data to the contingent programme

To match the complexity of franchise-led hiring, we delivered a modular RPO solution.

Franchise locations can pull different services off the shelf dependent on their specific hiring needs and budgets.

Pricing varied based on the services used.

Our teams actively met with dealerships to discuss hiring needs/challenges and explain the recruitment services available.

Available services included:

Job advertising

In this option, we have a Broadcast service where we simply advertise the role and provide the hiring manager with all the applicant CVs to review.

We do not source nor screen in this instance.

This is a popular option with retailers as we hold the contracts with job boards, yet they can still leverage the luxury brand logo.

Partial cycle

We advertise the role on all available channels, as well as screen and shortlist CVs.

This option works especially well for retailers with a small headcount that simply do not have the bandwidth to handle a high volume of applicants nor the budget for full-cycle RPO.

Talent pool

We have created an impressive talent community that puts a focus on candidate engagement.

Retailers can fish from our talent pool while we maintain the community by actively adding and removing talent.

Talent includes all standard retailer skill sets such as Vehicle Technicians, Sales Professionals, and Service Professionals, as well as rare skillsets like Master Vehicle Technicians and Electrification Experts.

The engagement includes video job postings, newsletters, and spotlights on current workers or dealership locations.

Full cycle service

We are engaged for the full traditional RPO cycle – job creation to employee hire.

In this scenario, the dealership location and/or position is actively promoted within the talent pool community via newsletters and videos.


Not mandated yet widely used with great results

The new modular approach has been very successful and well-received.

The retailers enjoy the flexible services and engage with us in a variety of ways based on the roles they are filling.

Out of 260 retailers in the UK, two thirds utilise our services.

This has improved and is especially impressive considering the programme is not mandated.

Some franchises have their own internal recruitment teams and locations can still leverage established relationships with recruitment outsourcing firms.

Locations see a clear value in our ability to meet their hiring needs, regardless if they are the smallest or the largest retailer in the organisation.