How we ensured nuclear regulations compliance of contingent workforce

How we ensured nuclear regulations compliance of contingent workforce


Us department of energy nuclear regulations on talent

The Nuclear Export Control regulation, coming from the US Department of Energy, prohibits companies from sharing nuclear information outside of the US.

This regulation includes the hiring of employees or contract workers at nuclear plants as well as anyone that might support a nuclear database or software inside the US.

The challenge

A solution of risk mitigation

The existing Pontoon MSP programme at our customer – an American Fortune 100 energy company – hires a large number of contractors in the IT organisation and therefore is impacted by this control regulation.

We needed to build a compliance strategy for the contingent workforce and deploy this across the entire supply chain for our MSP programme.

This would be in order to mitigate any financial or business risks the customer might face from non-compliance.

How we helped

Strategy and process built to ensure compliance

We worked closely with the customer’s legal and regulatory teams to build a programme-wide strategy and process ensuring compliance with government regulations.

The following enhancements and additions were made within our existing MSP programme:

  • Updated the VMS, Beeline, to include in the request form coming from a hiring manager – “Export Control” Yes/No?
  • Trained our supply chain on Export Control regulations and the new operating procedure we had put in place
  • We worked with the customer to complete the certification form which grants export control to new workers hired

Once the updates were stood-up, the team quickly discovered a gap in the process.

Workers could be assigned to export controlled tasks after the original request for hire was created.

To ensure complete compliance our team partnered with the customer’s HR and Legal groups to retool the existing contractor on-boarding process.

They also added a field to the customer’s HR system allowing for the export control status to be quickly checked by HR and/or the hiring manager.


100% compliance with new energy regulations

Working in partnership with the customer’s legal and HR departments all Department of Energy regulations have been met.

The customer has been able to report all Export Control criteria quarterly to the US government – ensuring 100% compliance and no business or financial penalties.