How we reduced onboarding time with Pontoon ON

How we reduced onboarding time with Pontoon ON


Cutting lengthy onboarding time for a smoother hiring process

We needed to improve an outdated and time-consuming onboarding process for our customer. In the existing setup, labour-intensive communication channels created unnecessary back and forth, which added to a candidate’s onboarding time and delayed start dates.

We implemented a consistent and efficient process with Pontoon ON’s remote onboarding tool.

The challenge

Reducing risk and avoiding escalations

The existing onboarding process was time-consuming, manual, and inconsistent – leading to more requisition escalations, increasing time-to-hire and creating compliance risk. To improve both the candidate and hiring manager experience, we saw an opportunity to automate tasks, effectively communicate instructions and documentation needs, and ultimately, reduce the time-to-start for new hires.

How we helped

Implementation of Pontoon ON

We implemented Pontoon ON to streamline and automate onboarding. Since this was a new tool within the programme, we drove adoption through weekly touchpoints with our key stakeholders which helped with buy-in and early adoption.

Change Management: Our solution was created to expedite the multi-step onboarding process by removing communication bottlenecks and ticking compliance requirements off the list. Pontoon ON’s automated workflow enabled hiring managers to focus on business-critical needs, creating a seamless experience for candidates and clarity throughout the process for our supplier partners.


An expeditated onboarding process

Pontoon ON went live in 2021 – improving time to onboard by 150% – from 5.5 days in July to .8 days in December 2021.


This enhancement created a standard best practice and improved the experience for hiring managers, supplier partners and new hires.



“The Pontoon ON (onboarding notifications) have helped us in responding promptly to the onboarding process steps. In cases we miss out, the second and three reminders help in completing the process on time.”

Hamza Noor – TeamLease Services Limited

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