How our hiring strategy empowered individuals with disabilities

How we transformed a client’s hiring strategy to empower individuals with disabilities


Achieving DE&I goals through strategic hiring

In response to legislation in Brazil requiring a 5% workforce representation in the hiring of persons with disabilities, our RPO client, a leading global manufacturer operating also in Latin America, partnered with us to revamp their DE&I strategy. Pontoon conducted a thorough talent mapping exercise, collaborated with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and focused on hiring for entry-level positions. Through ongoing communication with hiring managers and the support of company directors, we successfully hired 25 individuals with disabilities. 

The challenge

Meeting hiring requirements for individuals with disabilities

Legislation in Brazil requires companies with over 1000 employees to have 5% of their workforce comprised of persons with disabilities. The client struggled with meeting their disability requirement and did not have a comprehensive overview of talent availability across their locations. The client sought Pontoon’s assistance in hiring people with disabilities through a targeted sourcing and employment strategy.  

How we helped

Mapping talent availability: Identifying regions and NGO partnerships

Pontoon conducted a thorough mapping exercise to identify the regions where talent with disabilities could be found. Subsequently, we established partnerships with NGOs in the region that specialise in assisting people with disabilities. Regular communication channels were established with our NGO partners, enabling the exchange of resumes from potential candidates, and providing them with information about job openings. 

Recognising that only a small percentage of individuals with disabilities in Brazil possess the qualifications necessary for higher-level managerial roles, we strategically focused hiring efforts on entry-level positions. In assuming the role of DEI strategists, we worked closely with our client’s hiring managers and engaged in ongoing consultation with directors to gain support for this decision. 


Improved DE&I hiring for our client’s diversity goals

As a result of our concerted efforts, we successfully hired 25 individuals with disabilities, significantly contributing to our client’s commitment to DE&I. This experience brought our client a better understanding of the skills that people with disabilities have to offer, and how to best attract these valuable workers. The collaboration with NGOs translated into supporting the mission of empowering local communities and driving the employability of persons with disability in Brazil. 



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