A Journey from Single Stack Solutions to Digital Scalable Products

A Journey from Single Stack Solutions to Digital Scalable Products

Craig Rhodes – Solution Architect

At Pontoon, we have been on quite a journey in our technology and experience space! You may have seen our blogs and news articles over the last few years. We launched the first-ever Pontoon RecruiterlessRXO, the impact RPA has on onboarding with Pontoon ON and our Talent Rivers approach. 

In 2019, our tech team delivered a strong stack of technologies that enabled Pontoon and our customers to change how we engage with talent. There was a direct benefit to our customers in the way we leveraged technology as we focused on single-stack solutions. Some of the standalone solutions that were gaining momentum were: 

  • Digital interviewing 
  • Interview Scheduling 
  • Digital Experience Adverts

As our customers’ needs continue to evolve, we have come to define our technology requests as one of the following:  

  1. Point – single solution or single technology item requests 
  2. Moderate – More Complex single-stack solutions (integrations)  
  3. Differentiated Solutions – Complex – RPA, AI Bots, integrated systems, HRIS, Digital Products etc. 

Single point solutions accounted for three-quarters of our work in 2019. By 2020, moderate solutions gained more traction our customers challenged us to bring more complex solutions to the market. 

As we entered 2021, the market has engaged with us to primarily deliver our differentiated solutions, challenging us to design and build best-in-class tech-enabled recruitment and hiring experiences. 

Our Innovation Lab has been a key driver in building future-fit Digital Products to meet the growing digital demands of our customers.

This digital demand will only continue to grow, especially as market demands compound with the complexity of the workforce mix and while new, digital-first generations enter the working world.

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