Achieving resilience through cross-training in global talent delivery

Achieving resilience through cross-training in global talent delivery

Achieving resilience through collaboration and cross-training is a strong differentiator of Pontoon’s Global Delivery Network (GDN). As a cross-trained network of globally distributed resources, we support our organisation’s programme teams whenever and wherever they need. Together, we achieve the ultimate goal: our clients’ success on the contingent and permanent hiring fronts.

Jaishankar A, GDN Director (Bangalore, India)

In this article, I share insight into how Pontoon’s organisational resilience and agility – supported by the Global Delivery Network distributed across EMEA, NA, and APAC – can safeguard the success of our clients’ MSP and RPO programmes.

Expertise aligned with client demand

A global delivery network fosters cross-training opportunities among teams located in different regions. This enables employees to gain exposure to diverse projects, acquire new skills, and broaden their knowledge base – which benefits our business and clients. Investing in talent and culture is a proven key to organisational resilience. Cross-training enhances flexibility within the workforce, allowing Pontoon’s teams to seamlessly handle workload fluctuations, resource shortages, or skill gaps. It also ensures alignment with client-specific requirements and unique programme demands.

By equipping our team members with in-depth knowledge of talent acquisition tools and HR tech, we ensure our network can quickly adapt to different client systems and processes or innovations proposed by our Solutions and Tech Engagement & Compliance teams. This alignment allows for a smoother onboarding process, quicker ramp-up times, and seamless integration of the Global Delivery Network with the programme infrastructure, also when it evolves over time.

GDN allows Pontoon to set up support teams in all of our clients’ operational geographies, enabling the labour market expertise of our local resources and mitigating compliance risk. By mixing our robust offsite and onsite capabilities, we can deliver direct communication to clients and internal teams, staying ahead of the curve at every touchpoint.

Resilience through collaboration and cross-training 

At Pontoon, we practice what we preach. This means that, just like we recommend building internal capacity to our clients as the most straightforward, long-term solution for mitigating talent shortages, we also excel at developing our internal capability.

When the Programme Team on one of our client accounts in India experienced problems with attrition, Pontoon’s Global Delivery Network stepped in to stabilise the account. All GDN team members worked together to upskill themselves in 15–20 days on the client’s programme process. Once up to speed, Pontoon’s GDN team could adopt a reliable methodology and propose a scalable strategy that resulted in onboarding 400 new employees within 30 days.

As one of our Global Programme Leaders observed:

“GDN partnered with the Programme Team to further streamline the hiring process and hire the right people. The results speak for themselves. The lightning-fast build of this solution and implementation in the midst of being understaffed was highly appreciated by the Programme Team.”

Thanks to the power of GDN, we always have the internal capacity to ensure that we implement and improve solutions for our clients continuously and without a hitch.

Increased flexibility and resilience through collaborative resource utilisation

Contrary to common myths about global delivery models, international networks provide a flexible approach to delivery, mixing offshore, nearshore, and onshore to maximise client success. From the customer’s perspective, a global delivery network enables round-the-clock operations, faster turnaround times, and improved scalability.

Internally, the success of a talent provider’s services is enhanced by a flexible approach to resource utilisation and optimisation. Our advanced Global Delivery Network boasts expertise in all areas, from screening and targeted sourcing to digital recruitment marketing and onboarding, as well as unmatched proficiency in Vendor Management Systems and Applicant Tracking Systems.

For instance, the in-depth sourcing expertise of our people enables Pontoon to directly attract and engage talent. Through this, we fill open positions with quality candidates faster and at a lower cost. Our experts across the GDN create employer-branded talent communities of proactively vetted quality candidates, including returning workers or silver medallists, who can be quickly tapped for new roles.

By leveraging the multi-faceted expertise of our experts across GDN, we proactively address our client’s skills gaps and seamlessly scale our resources based on demand. Our team members provide invaluable support to Pontoon’s programme and sector leaders, ultimately ensuring that our clients’ hiring demands are fulfilled.

Final takeaway

Through cross-training and collaboration, Pontoon’s Global Delivery Network is a resilient and adaptable delivery engine that powers our clients’ talent acquisition programmes. By leveraging the expertise of our globally distributed resources, we maximise operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and drive client success.

Our data-led approach and market insights further enhance our ability to provide exceptional results, making Pontoon’s Global Delivery Network a safeguard of success in today’s dynamic talent acquisition landscape.

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