Unlocking scalability in global delivery: Advantages of flex recruiters

Unlocking scalability in global delivery: Advantages of flex recruiters

By unlocking the power of scalability in global talent delivery models, organisations can rapidly scale their operations up or down based on demand fluctuations. From a talent provider’s perspective, ensuring scalability requires a robust and interconnected delivery network.

Maciej Pustół, GDN Director (Kraków, Poland)

For Pontoon, this means a collaborative, creative approach to sharing our own knowledge and resources. No matter which client industry we’re serving, the skillset, job type, location, or type of service, there is always someone in our Global Delivery Network (GDN) who has worked on a similar task. The GDN can respond to clients’ fluctuating hiring demands by sharing data, insights, and resources with speed and agility.

One of the recent solutions that we implemented within Pontoon’s GDN for increased scalability is the Flex Team. These Pontoon colleagues swiftly move between programme teams to support recruitment efforts as needed, fully using their sourcing and recruiting skills while acquiring new ones to elevate the candidate experience.

What client benefits are derived from embedding flex recruiters into global recruiting models?

The advantages of deploying flex recruiters

By empowering flex recruiters to assist with different clients and hiring programmes, Pontoon’s GDN can deliver significant benefits to our clients. These include:


Flex recruiters offer scalability, allowing us to quickly scale recruitment efforts up or down based on our clients’ hiring needs. Flex recruiters can efficiently adapt to changing demands in global talent delivery models, where recruitment needs vary across different regions or projects.

Specialised expertise

Flex recruiters often possess specialised knowledge and experience in specific industries or job markets. This expertise is invaluable when sourcing candidates globally. Flex recruiters understand the nuances of regional applicants, cultures, and talent pools. They can effectively navigate diverse markets and attract top talent. With the support of the Global Delivery Network, Pontoon can leverage flex recruiters for specialised end-to-end recruitment management tactics to reduce time to hire.

Agility and speed

Flex recruiters are generally more agile and can adapt quickly to changing recruitment needs. They are often well-connected and have a vast network of candidates, enabling them to identify suitable talent. This agility is crucial for global talent delivery models, where companies must tap into diverse talent pools promptly.

Cultural understanding

Understanding and respecting diverse cultures and local norms is vital for successful recruitment in global talent delivery models. Flex recruiters who have experience working across different regions can bring cultural awareness, bridging the gap between the company’s requirements and candidates’ expectations.

Driving the career development of Pontoon’s flex recruiters

Since people are Pontoon Global Delivery Network’s most valuable asset, we also see the Flex Team as an upskilling mechanism to boost our colleagues’ expertise, experience, and employability. Through working on multiple programmes for different clients, these recruiters can deploy the full spectrum of their skills in their daily tasks and gain new ones.

Rather than you taking my word for it, I’d like to give the floor to our brilliant flex recruiters who support Pontoon’s Global Delivery Network from Poland in several languages, including English, French, German, and Dutch.

In our flex recruiters’ own words:

“For me, working in a Flex Team is a true adventure full of changes and continuous growth. Every day brings new projects and challenges that teach me versatility and adaptability. There’s no room for routine or boredom because we are constantly on the move, expanding our horizons.

One of the greatest advantages of working in a Flex Team is the opportunity to delve into different areas. I had the opportunity to explore the world of automotive, and then I had to transition to the realm of logistics. It’s like travelling through different worlds, gaining unique experiences and skills. My multi-faceted competencies make me more versatile and flexible in approaching new challenges.

Thanks to Flex Team, I am constantly learning new recruitment methods. I explore innovative approaches and examine how to enhance the talent selection process from the perspective of different domains. This continuous evolution helps me broaden my knowledge and perspective on recruitment, leading to more effective actions.”

Kinga Recruiter, Pontoon Solutions


“Working in a Flex Team allows me to work in an international team. This creates many opportunities to meet new people, different cultures, and learn new programmes, broadening skills and worldview.”

Dagmara Recruiter, Pontoon Solutions


“Working in the Flex Team allowed me to develop my sourcing skills in the context of many industries and regions. Learning the specifics of sourcing in such varied environments let me observe the differences in the effectiveness of attraction methods. It encouraged me to look for new solutions and improve my skills. Colleagues from the teams with whom I had the opportunity to work played a significant role here. By sharing their experiences, they passed on knowledge and built a culture of openness and cooperation.”

Joanna Recruiter, Pontoon Solutions


By acquiring multi-faceted competencies, learning new recruitment methods, and acquiring a deeper understanding of different regions and industries, flex recruiters ensure that we as Pontoon can serve our customers better.

Ready to learn more about how Pontoon’s Global Delivery Network and our brilliant team of Flex Recruiters can support you in your talent acquisition journey and unlock the power of scalability?



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