How we transformed the recruitment process to improve time to hire for a French customer

How we transformed the recruitment process to improve time to hire for a French customer


A case of programme transformation

Our customer, a cloud technology company based in France, needed to quickly hire full-time employees to support growing workforce demand and international expansion. We implemented a source and screen solution within two weeks and expanded to end-to-end requisition management within the first two months of go-live. The result was improved time to fill and an enhanced client EVP, leading to massive programme growth into one of Pontoon’s largest customers in France.

The challenge

Quick implementation and scalability

Customer leadership changes and employee turnover led to instability within the TA function. Our customer needed an efficient and sustainable solution to keep pace with rapid growth through acquisitions and international expansion. To support, Pontoon was tasked with rolling out a three-month implementation in only two weeks – hiring locally and globally for technical, R&D and professional services roles.

To increase talent attraction, we needed to improve our customer’s EVP, as low employee ratings made engaging and hiring more challenging.

How we helped

Consultative approach to the recruitment design process

We implemented our RPO solution to meet timeline goals, starting with source and screen only to ramp up recruiting activities. After go-live, we strategically collaborated with our stakeholders to grow the programme scope to full end-to-end requisition management including hiring analytics, interviewing, and onboarding one month after go-live. Based on their talent needs, we scaled from one recruiter to ten dedicated resources within eight months. Our international team, including freelancers with local market insights, hired candidates in French, English, Spanish and Italian languages.

We successfully executed a proactive profile-based hiring strategy, leveraging talent location analysis and competitive market insights. By benchmarking profiles of high performing employees and comparing them to job applicants, we focused on repeating standard skill sets applicable to all customer business units, building a talent pipeline ahead of requisition release.

A single point of contact protocol was established for each customer business unit. Recruiters shortlisted candidates quickly, sharing interest profiles with customer contacts through LinkedIn Recruiter, having them distribute candidates to hiring managers for review. This practice helped to bypass requisition approval intake calls and improve the time to hire. Pontoon’s collaborative approach was critical in co-creating solutions with our customer’s internal TA team and accelerated the change management process.


Speed, time and quality

Pontoon filled 150 requisitions in the first nine months through a reimagined recruiting process.

Time to hire was reduced by 20%, from 75 days on average to 60 days.

Our consultative approach improved employee satisfaction ratings and streamlined the process for future engagement and satisfaction rankings.

Geographic expansion plans are underway to bring the RPO to Spain and Portugal whilst deepening their partnership with Pontoon.

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