OPEX: Optimising Operational Excellence

What Is Opex?

Operational Excellence (OPEX) is not merely about compliance to established process – the purpose of our Lean Six Sigma Certified OPEX Leaders is to rapidly accelerate the value of your talent program.​

With our clients, we identify the key pain points holding your program back and build solutions to ensure they do not stick around.



Throughout the whole program lifecycle, we challenge teams to think differently, try tested alternatives, and defy established norms to deliver unparalleled results.

Total Visibility

Gain a crystal clear understanding of the mechanics of your talent solutions, uncovering hidden inefficiencies, unaccounted costs and wasteful processes.

Maximum Efficiency

All workflows are not created equal. We know this because we peel back the layers to identify the parts of your process that are most critical to successful outcomes.

Reimagine expectations

We do not think about measuring success against what we know today but instead reach for SLAs of the future. We seek value opportunities through new designs, technology and leveraging our global insights.

Is OPEX right for you?

Does your talent program lack clear visibility of cost and operational processes related to your labour & talent strategies?

Is your solution filled with overcomplicated processes and lacking clear linkage between business strategies and talent plans?

Has your solution ever been reviewed and refreshed to extend its longevity in competing for and delivering talent?

How we do it

Our four-step methodology utilises a variety of assets including Lean Six Sigma, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), and tested Change Management tools, we analyse your entire talent solution to find value opportunities.​

Our OPEX approach is adopted by our entire organization from senior leaders down, ensuring innovation and continuous improvement are the nuclei of who we are and what we do.


By gaining a full understanding of the entirety of your program we are able to then identify areas to be improved​.


Redesign efforts are centred around client experience, processes and key areas driving the most value.


Deployment and change management is critical to ensure solution outcomes are achieved and previous practices do not return​.


Using the ‘Deming wheel’ approach we evaluate solution outcomes and explore results across our ecosystem. We regularly check-in to ensure controls are maintained​ and enhancements realised.

Case Studies

Take a look at how we have partnered with our clients to create solutions for their contingent workforce.

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Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies