Tech Engagement & Compliance

What we do

As Pontoon’s navigator in the vast technology landscape, Tech Engagement and Compliance provides insight to help our colleagues make informed choices when selecting tools from a rigorously evaluated tech stack.

Our goal is to save you the time and effort that you would otherwise have to invest in making connections with tech vendors. We facilitate contracts, negotiate the best prices, provide troubleshooting assistance when necessary, and ensure compliance to mitigate risk.

Rigorous evaluation

A multi-functional team of evaluators from across our business continuously improves and updates Pontoon’s tech stack. Through research, demos, technology benchmarking, and rigorous evaluation of vendors, we make sure our tech stack continues to meet and exceed your needs.

Full compliance

Every technology that we onboard is fully compliant with IT Security, IT Architecture, and Data Privacy requirements. We work closely with the legal team to ensure the contract terms protect you and your business.

Seamless implementation

There are multiple tools that do similar things but with distinct differences for different types of customers. We are here to support Global Service Design in choosing what is best for you and then working to implement it with Pontoon’s Implementation Services team, ensuring a seamless experience catered to your unique needs.

How we can help

Are you overwhelmed with tech options and don’t know where to begin?

Is your talent programme falling short on productivity?

Are you struggling to make the case for technology?

Case Studies

Take a look at how we have partnered with our clients to create solutions for their contingent workforce.

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Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies