Keeping in Touch with your Talent

“Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ” ― Pablo Picasso. Like Picasso, we are confident in our creative vision. And we are determined to capitalize on our vision creating solutions to what others see but overlook. Since time literally equals money, we know we have to recognize ways to expedite the hiring process while enhancing the candidate experience and process quality.

As we evaluated one of our partnerships where we were slated to hire thousands of people, during implementation we realized we needed a better way to reach more candidates faster than traditional phone interviews.  In the traditional state without a tool, we would spend 30 minutes for a single screen and the client’s candidates would feel the constraints of the hiring process.  Before we were engaged, the client had thousands of applications that went untouched and candidates had to schedule at least 3-4 days out from the time they were invited to interview.  Throwing more people at the existing process would result in the same challenges, just on a wider scale.  We had to look beyond the obvious to find the right tool for the job.

By implementing our recorded audio phone-screening tool, we have enabled candidates to interview quickly and on their own schedule.  We have recognized a 687% reduction in the amount of time it took to conduct live phone screens (calculated assuming a 30 minute average interview time when not using the tool), allowing for the review of many more candidates at a much faster pace.  A phone screen process that historically took 6 days is now completed in less than 3 days.  This is particularly important when the hiring window of these candidates is often less than a week from the time their application is submitted.  Hiring Managers receive qualified candidates quickly and can preview a candidate’s phone interview before they meet the candidate for an in-person interview.  Additionally, the client has a brand to maintain.  By inviting candidates to phone screen within 24 hours, they have demonstrated excitement about the process and receiving timely responses.  We are also able to allow a larger pool of candidates into the screening process resulting in more top talent.

In 2014, 9 of 10 individuals who started the recorded interview followed through to complete the entire screen, demonstrating the candidate’s willingness to participate. In fact, 86% of the candidates for this client partnership were reviewed in less than 3 days of completing their automated interview.  The candidates likely didn’t have to take time off from work because the automated interviews offer an opportunity to interview at any time of the day, anywhere.

In our day-to-day world there is much to see, but on that day we looked confidently beyond and asked why not.  As a result, we have made our hiring process better for our candidates hiring managers and our client.