How RPO Digital transformed talent delivery for a global HR orgnisation

How RPO Digital transformed talent delivery for a global HR orgnisation


Understanding a complex, layered talent infrastructure

The Adecco Group, a Human Resources solution provider, was facing challenges with their hiring process. With over 10,000 hires per year, they needed a consolidated way to create a diverse workforce. Armed with market data and industry expertise, we were ready to co-build a solution that would transform their hiring experience.

In the existing environment, there were 30+ applicant tracking systems used across the Adecco Group which was costly and caused inconsistencies across the hiring process and candidate experience. Analytics were also extremely difficult to pull, as the source of data was spread across the board. The company’s larger ecosystem is made up of 11 brands, and each brand was navigating the hiring process with its own applicant tracking systems, and process entirely.

Turnover data showed there were too many hires leaving within their first two years at the company. Often, this was due to a struggle to find the right candidates for open positions mass amount of applicant tracking systems also made it difficult to report the cost per hire, and lack of consistency for onboarding led to poor candidate experiences. This would result in a full workforce turnover within three years – and a substantial cost and investment in training hours, onboarding, and more.

As a global company, it was crucial that the solution could work across the world.

How we helped

RPO Digital provided a reimaged hiring experience

The Adecco Group and Pontoon worked together to pinpoint the current issues, then worked together to design a fully outlined scope, supported by dedicated resources, and measured against specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to analyse our success.

We built a custom RPO Digital solution featuring six integrated technologies, a dedicated Pontoon team of experts, including a training specialist, and a three-phase implementation plan.

The technologies were carefully chosen by a collaboration of internal teams to ensure each of our stakeholders’ concerns were addressed.

Each requisition is assigned to a dedicated recruiter at Pontoon who acts as an extension of HR by bringing candidates all the way to verbal offer.

By using the follow the sun model, resources all over the globe have been key players in this product.

The two primary KPIs for the implementation of this product were:

  1. Time-to-Offer

For time-to-offer, the programme aimed for 38 days or under. At three months post-implementation, the time to offer was 10 days. This statistic will be updated as new results are reported.

  1. Hiring Manager Satisfaction

The investment towards a dedicated resource team has given faces to this robust product, with a specialised team at the forefront. This group knows the product from the inside out, and their excitement about the launch of Phase 1 on February 28th, 2022, shows their passion for the work.

The collaboration between Pontoon and The Adecco Group is a key factor in creating tailored solutions. Our stakeholders at the Adecco Group had a willingness to share pain points and desires for improvement, and Pontoon worked to create a solution that was unique and innovative to meet their needs.



An evolved hiring programme

TAG RPO is a win for both TAG and Pontoon.

Gordana Landen, Chief HR Officer of The Adecco Group, said, “This collaboration is a future-oriented solution that will make sure we are able to hire people with the right skills at the right time. We can confidently say to our external customers, we implemented this solution, we have the data, and it was a success.”

As said by Christoph Niebel, Global President of Pontoon, “There is no better customer to showcase this with than your own company. The vision for this program is to drive external growth and to demonstrate that as part of the Adecco Group transformation journey, we can partner across the ecosystem to drive new and innovative solutions to help everyone succeed.” This solution has allowed TAG and Pontoon to both play to their strengths, while also allowing for a close-knit partnership that will continue to grow through future collaborations.



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