How we activated manufacturing talent through hiring events

How we activated manufacturing talent through hiring events


Transforming manufacturing recruitment with hiring events

For a global leader in consumer products, Pontoon addressed the challenge of accessing passive manufacturing talent by deploying a series of hiring events. Using grassroots campaigns and social media advertising, we organised 242 events over three years, hiring 3,138 people, with an impressive 18-day average time-to-fill. The accelerated timeline, two to three times faster than the industry norm, demonstrated the efficiency of Pontoon’s approach in attracting high-quality manufacturing talent.

The challenge

Accessing passive talent for manufacturing roles

In today’s manufacturing environment, companies need to tap into passive talent pools to succeed. To acquire skilled professionals across various manufacturing roles – including machine operators, maintenance technicians, and sanitation technicians – Pontoon had to develop an effective and fast talent strategy for our client. We chose hiring events as the most efficient way to attract experienced manufacturing talent that is not actively looking for a new job.

How we helped

Strategic planning and seamless execution of hiring events

Before each hiring event, Pontoon leveraged grassroots campaigns and social media advertising. We ensured maximum visibility using a mix of platforms, from Facebook to local radio stations and community centres. Candidate incentives, such as a $50 gift card for the first 50 job seekers, were offered with client agreement to boost attendance.

Pontoon took charge of all aspects of hiring event organisation, managing logistics and deploying resources for travel. We handled the interviewing process, either independently or in collaboration with the client’s hiring managers. Thanks to efficient communication and after-event debriefs, many job offers were made within 24 hours, resulting in unmatched speed.

Ensuring candidate quality through in-person assessment

Hiring events offer a distinct advantage by providing a broader candidate pool compared to organic searches. Additionally, all candidates attending the hiring events had to take an assessment – just like any other candidate from an organic search. In-person interactions provided unique insights into character, mannerisms, engagement, and enthusiasm, which helped us select dedicated candidates that could be retained for longer.


Reducing time to fill from 60 to 18 days

Over three years, Pontoon organised 242 hiring events resulting in 3,138 hires within an astonishing 18-day average time-to-fill, surpassing the contractual 45 to 60 days. This accelerated timeline, over two to three times faster than industry norms, underscores the significance of hiring events.

While these events do involve a financial investment for our clients, the returns far outweigh the costs. The swift influx of specialised talent helped our customer rapidly scale production lines, ensuring revenue growth and operational excellence. It’s an investment that paid off in both efficiency and financial gain.



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