How we implemented a global sourcing solution

How we implemented a global sourcing solution for a leader in the energy sector


Seamless talent delivery in a complex global setting

Our client, a leader in the energy sector, was seeking to change Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers to upgrade talent delivery in a complex global setting. The countries in scope had a geographic coverage that included North America, LATAM, and China. Pontoon seamlessly transitioned the client’s permanent hiring function, resulting in impressive early outcomes and helping to drive a targeted sourcing strategy. Within the first six weeks after the go-live, we hired +400 high-quality candidates across three countries.

The challenge

Navigating the handover and enabling global sourcing

While gaining the client’s trust was a huge win for Pontoon, we faced a two-fold challenge: (a) managing the transition process without any disruption to the client’s business and (b) implementing a global sourcing strategy in culturally and legally distinct locations.

Ensuring a smooth handover

The client had a mature understanding of their talent acquisition needs. They wanted to further streamline hiring processes, expand the talent pool, and increase diversity and inclusion.

To ensure swift implementation and full business continuity, Pontoon had to manage transition planning and knowledge transfer.

Implementing a global sourcing strategy

The client was hiring across multiple locations in North America, Latin America, and China. With hiring goals ranging from 16,000 in China to 41,000 in the United States, the client faced unique challenges associated with language capabilities, legal compliance, and stringent security assessments. They were also looking to boost their diversity and inclusion strategy to ensure a more diverse workforce.

How we helped

A global talent team for a complex strategy

To ensure the client’s success, Pontoon built a global team of >100 FTEs across various functions. Our Implementation and Programme Teams worked together to safeguard business continuity, process improvement, and knowledge transfer as we took over the client’s permanent hiring function.

Leveraging HR tech for efficient sourcing

Pontoon’s vast knowledge of HR tech – as driven by our Tech Engagement and Compliance Team – enabled us to quickly pick up the tools that the client was already using. Pontoon’s Global Delivery Network (GDN) Teams expertly managed the candidate flow in the client’s applicant tracking system across all geographies, ensuring speed and efficiency.

Localised strategies for diversity and inclusion

Pontoon’s GDN played a pivotal role in establishing a localised strategy to meet the client’s talent requirements.

The concept of diversity and inclusion varies across regions due to distinct local contexts and legislation. For instance, in China, the client’s diversity hiring efforts were centred mostly on gender, whilst in the US, on the other hand, diversity in hiring meant addressing historical inequalities in a more intersectional approach to underrepresented groups. Our Global Delivery Network’s expertise in navigating the local talent landscape enabled swift and efficient sourcing of qualified candidates to suit the requirements in each geography.

Additionally, Pontoon’s unique global delivery structure allowed us to understand and adhere to each country’s labour laws, compliance requirements, and data and privacy legislation.


Enabling uninterrupted operations across different geographies

Within the initial six weeks following the go-live, our joint efforts resulted in the successful hiring of more than 400 individuals across three different countries. This achievement not only provided the client with a skilled workforce but also contributed to advancing their diversity and inclusion objectives.

Thanks to a strong focus on diversity, compliance, and security, we demonstrated cultural alignment with our client’s values – a factor that largely made them choose us in the first place.



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