How we elevated client success through early talent acquisition

How we elevated client success through early talent acquisition support


Long-term partnership for early talent acquisition

To support a client’s early talent programme, Pontoon seamlessly integrated with their in-house team for full-cycle recruitment. Capitalising on our deep knowledge of the customer’s EVP and on-campus relationships, we attracted young talent across three client brands, evolving an ad hoc project into a 12-year partnership. This collaboration resulted in the annual hiring of 2,000 young individuals.

The challenge

Pontoon steps in to support client’s early talent acquisition

Pontoon was asked to support the client’s early talent programme due to limited internal resources for early talent acquisition. The task involved full-cycle recruitment, including handling job requisitions, scheduling interviews, and conducting onboarding. The main challenge was to blend Pontoon and client in-house recruiting team to deliver recruitment aligned with the customer’s brand.

How we helped

Immersive approach to full life-cycle early talent recruitment

We immersed ourselves into the campus relationship team, seamlessly blending with the client’s resources by leveraging our existing knowledge of their brand and delivery specifics.

Pontoon administered job requisitions, scheduled interviews and conducted onboarding. Our resources would also handle sourcing when needed, heavily leveraging job boards dedicated to college students. Bringing in our talent curation expertise, we assisted in creating digital marketing content to reach young talent.

This expertise and successful hiring outcomes allowed Pontoon to expand our delivery into three different client brands. What started as a one-time project grew into a long-term partnership, expanding into three client brands over 12 years. With one of the brands, we now have 11 FTEs to support early talent recruitment.


2,000 hired annually over 12 years

The outcome of our early talent programme collaboration has been the successful hiring of 2,000 early talent individuals annually for three client brands across the United States.

Beyond immediate hires, early talent programmes let us build robust future talent pipelines for our clients. Each internship has the potential to turn into a permanent position eventually. A stellar experience with the client’s brand entices young graduates to seek full-time employment with the company once they finish school.



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