How we resolved data discrepancies to integrate two talent management tools

How we resolved data discrepancies to integrate two talent management tools


Combining two workforce tracking tools

Our APAC technology MSP client faced significant data inconsistencies when integrating two talent management technologies. To overcome these challenges, Pontoon partnered with the client, Vendor Management System (VMS), and Human Capital Management (HCM) technology teams to identify errors, understand integration failures, test fixes, upload tickets, and update backend systems. The results? Through our efforts, we realised a 95% improvement in data quality for our client, going from an 80% discrepancy to 4% in under two months.

The challenge

Rectify data discrepancies

Since its inception, data integrity issues have plagued our client’s programme, causing prolonged frustration with inefficient manual data entry fixes. They were experiencing several data field errors when sharing worker information between their contractor tracking software (VMS) and permanent employee system (HCM). We needed to implement a solution to fix the shared data field errors, removing timely manual entry for data to flow effectively between the two systems.

How we helped

Troubleshooting errors and integrating data

Over three months, the Pontoon MSP team coordinated with various client groups to establish workstreams to identify and resolve data issues, recognise failure points, and implement change management with new technology best practices.

During the weekly cadence of calls, Pontoon’s support teams collaborated with key stakeholders, providing valuable insights on data error logs and helping to fix repeat errors in real-time while proactively submitting test tickets when required.

Our MSP project management team created a working test file with over 10K workers. This team helped identify data errors and worked to figure out resolutions for each issue, seamlessly scanning several large data files and testing them for accuracy.


Improved data quality

As a result of our focused and strategic approach, we successfully boosted the data quality for our client by an impressive 95%. Before our intervention, the customer grappled with an 80% discrepancy in their data. Diligent teamwork enabled Pontoon to drastically reduce this figure to a mere 4%, all within the short span of less than two months.

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