How we streamlined email communications to save time for hiring managers

How we streamlined email communications to save time for hiring managers


A case of surplus emails

Our MSP client, a financial services company, needed to streamline surplus email communications between the VMS and their hiring managers. Pontoon’s team analysed existing communication practices and identified the source of excessive emails. By implementing an email digest, we were able to reduce unneeded communications and save hiring managers time, which they could now invest in completing critical tasks.

The challenge

Streamlining communications

Client hiring managers were fatigued with the high volume of VMS non-approval emails and notifications flooding their inboxes.

We needed to reduce the number of emails, ensuring timely and accurate communication between managers and suppliers via the established VMS.

How we helped

Reducing email traffic with a daily digest

After reviewing voice of customer surveys to better understand client pain points, the Pontoon OPEX team began to analyse client communication practices. The team detected the source of the high volume of emails which had been leading to fatigue among hiring managers.

We examined all VMS email messages over three months and investigated the frequency and types of communications sent to hiring managers. The Pontoon team identified two groups of emails: approval and non-approval. The non-approval emails comprised anywhere between 30-50% of overall traffic. Conducting a Pareto analysis of all data points, we were able to forecast and pitch a solution to reduce monthly email volume by 30%.

An email digest was designed and implemented to consolidate all relevant hiring information into one single, easy-to-read email. This included updates on all non-approval emails generated from the VMS. The digest was sent out daily, reducing the number of emails and increasing the likelihood that managers would read and respond to the emails they received.


Time-saving solution for hiring managers

The implementation of an email digest significantly impacted overall traffic, resulting in a 29% reduction in email volume. More importantly, this reduction translated into an estimated 145 work hours saved each month, which hiring managers could use to focus on other critical tasks.

Additionally, the email digest improved the overall efficiency of the hiring process by reducing the time required to read and respond to emails.

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