Centralised reporting system for talent analytics

Centralised reporting system for talent analytics


A decentralised system resulting in time lost

Our customer had a large and decentralised reporting suite across the entire company that was causing confusion and taking time away from normal activities. The lack of a centralised reporting system led to inefficiencies and hindered effective decision-making.

To address this, we streamlined their reporting process by consolidating redundant and unnecessary reports, introducing new operational and management dashboards, and implementing a business intelligence tool. This overhaul reduced the number of reports by 70%, significantly enhancing their reporting efficiency.

The challenge

Streamlining reporting to create structure

The decentralisation of the reporting suite caused a lack of rationalisation and consolidation in the available reporting and dashboards. This disorganisation led to confusion, inefficiency, and wasted time for employees who struggled to navigate the complex reporting landscape.

How we helped

Rationalising reporting and dashboards

We consolidated a number of redundant and unnecessary reporting, which provided the team with a cleaner, more efficient and effective reporting suite. This rationalisation process eliminated the clutter and focused on delivering essential, high-quality reports.

Our analytics function, Pontoon Intelligence, built out new reporting features including operational and management dashboards within our customer’s source system. These dashboards provided a more user-friendly interface, facilitating better decision-making.


Successful implementation of a centralised system

With the new reporting system, 50+ reports were reduced to less than 15, company-wide – a 70% reduction.

The Pontoon Intelligence team also included a Business Intelligence tool in our customer’s new source system to allow simpler, streamlined access to data.

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