How we supported our Swiss client with managing their contingent workforce

How we supported our Swiss client with managing their contingent workforce


Client in need of process harmonisation

Our customer, a leading provider of telecommunications services in Switzerland, needed a well-structured MSP process to standardise their contingent workforce management.

We harmonised the client’s processes, reducing engagement time, generating substantial cost savings and improving customer satisfaction.

The challenge

Unified process for different contract types

Initially, the biggest challenge was centralising our client’s processes for managing external personnel.

We had to build a process that was standardised across professions but catered to different contract types, including staff leasing and services procurement.

Our programme team had to manage a large-scale change management effort to introduce the new framework for processing contingent workforce.

How we helped

Eliminating misclassification while finding the best talent

First, we needed a Vendor Management System in place for complete transparency and control over each step. Supported by the VMS, we could start harmonising the client’s processes.

Pontoon’s MSP team introduced a process focused on eliminating misclassification right from the start. This included a questionnaire to ensure the correct contract category was chosen for every worker. Supported by the tool, we qualified all requisitions with the hiring managers and continue to do so to maintain a proper classification.

Our team of experts selected supplier panels to source the exact talent our client needed and supported hiring managers in choosing the best candidates. We also provided our customer with consulting services that included insights into the local legislation impacting contingent workers and market rates.

Pontoon’s team was strategically located on-site to ensure proximity to all critical stakeholders, especially the procurement department and hiring communities.


Streamlined programme with cost savings achieved

Since the programme’s inception, our team have processed almost 3,000 external employees, including IT experts, sales consultants, and call centre employees.

We harmonised the client’s processes, ensuring proper management of temporary workers, freelancers, and service providers on SOW contracts.

Our experts reduced the time to engage external IT employees from 38 to 21 calendar days.

Thanks to our strategic supply chain management and stringent negotiations, we generate 1-3% cost savings on cash-out for the client yearly.

The MSP programme receives excellent customer satisfaction results, with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) score of 100.

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