How we utilised talent pooling to quickly fill critical positions

How we utilised talent pooling to quickly fill critical positions


A quick fill for critical positions

Our client, a snack foods manufacturer, was challenged with filling 175 critical positions within a limited timeframe. This urgency required a strategic approach to identify and hire suitable candidates quickly. The primary obstacle was determining the number of job offers required to ensure the acceptance of 175 individuals.

The challenge

Calculating offers needed

To address this challenge, our team devised a solution centred around social media-driven hiring events.

We organised and conducted four job fairs specifically designed to attract potential candidates. These events were strategically scheduled for Friday and Saturday afternoons over two consecutive weeks to maximise attendance.

How we helped

Social media driven hiring events

To maximise outreach and engagement, we used various tech outreach tools to connect with over 2000 candidates. Additionally, we leveraged Facebook groups and online advertising to promote the job fairs and encourage interested candidates to apply and RSVP through an online platform. By harnessing the power of social media and targeted outreach, we were able to generate significant interest and engagement.

During the job fairs, our team went above and beyond by arranging on-the-spot interviews for interested candidates. This approach not only streamlined the hiring process but also demonstrated our commitment to expediting the selection and onboarding of qualified individuals.

Finally, we provided new hire coordination, ensuring a smooth transition for the successful candidates.


Creating the blueprint for future needs

The impact of these efforts was significant. A total of 300 candidates attended the job fairs, surpassing expectations. With a high level of engagement and interest from the candidates, we successfully filled all 175 critical positions. Out of the 210 offers extended to candidates, an impressive 205 individuals accepted, indicating the effectiveness of our recruitment strategy.

The success of this approach has established a valuable blueprint for future surge hiring needs. The snack foods manufacturer can now rely on this proven method to efficiently address urgent staffing requirements in the future, benefiting from our expertise and experience in social media-driven hiring events.

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