Pontoon Rapid Hire Delivers Talent Through Centralised Interviewing


Necessity is the Mother of Invention

As a result of the COVID pandemic, our customer experienced unprecedented product demand but suffered inconsistent worker availability and absenteeism hovered around 20%. With growing recruitment needs, hiring managers needed to focus on production and distribution, not hiring. It was calculated that the customer’s hiring managers were collectively spending 90K hours annually interviewing candidates for entry-level and lower skill level positions.  Redeploying that time back to their customers, to production and distribution was a high priority.

Our customer has a corporate culture of excellence, and the quality of their people is a key competitive advantage. Despite the circumstances, we couldn’t allow for a drop in the quality of hires. We knew that the best candidates are not available for long – various industry sources mention that top-quality talent is off the market within 10 days. They needed a solution to source, screen, interview, and hire quality candidates in the shortest time possible.

Our approach

Talent Rivers Paired with Centralised Interviewing

Pontoon’s solution was to centralise the entire recruitment function within our delivery team.

Since we have supported the client with full-time recruitment for several years, our experts fully understood their hiring requirements. By developing our end-to-end, source-to-hire solution, we eliminated the bottlenecks in the process and took a scientific approach to candidate selection. For sourcing, we applied our Talent River methodology to ensure just-in-time delivery. Our chatbot recruiting assistant searched the web 24/7 to look for talent that matches the personas we developed to meet the client’s staffing needs. The chatbot engaged candidates and invited individuals who met our standards to join the talent community. When a new requisition was created, we immediately tapped into this talent source and invited matching candidates to apply. They proved to be very engaged, as evidenced by exceptionally high open and click-through rates.

To screen for quality, candidates answered a series of questions and completed assessments specific to the job; less than a half gets through this stage. We then invited the successful applicants to schedule an interview with our centralised team of interview experts. The team used interview guides specific to each role and developed based on targeted selection principles. The hiring decision is supported by a composite score, which factors in the candidate’s assessment and the interview scores. Applicants with a passing composite score received a verbal offer within 24 hours. In most cases, we extended the offer on the same day, further reducing time-to-fill. We also created a silver-medalist talent base that we can tap when opening new requisitions.


Impressive Time to Fill and Plans for Solution Expansion

Pontoon kicked-off the expanded solution at the start of 2021, filling all of the requisitions opened on Monday, 4th January by the end of the week. We reduced time-to-fill from over 40 days to 5 during the first week of delivering the revamped service. Our experts designed a rapid hire solution that can easily compete with the speed of contingent hiring. Within the first two weeks since launch, Pontoon extended offers to 62 applicants for 88 open positions.

In the current process, it only takes 2 days from the candidate application to a scheduled interview, while the average time-to-fill is only 7 days. Applicants move through the process quickly, as we no longer need to wait for hiring managers to select and interview candidates. Instead, our experts assess them as quickly as they move through the process.

Our rapid hire solution’s speed ensures that the client gets the best talent the market has to offer before the competition. While the current solution applies to entry-level roles, phase two will expand the solution to additional positions that are higher-skill roles. Further iterations will also include pre-recorded video interviews to enhance the candidate experience and further reduce time-to-fill.

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