Mitigating Concerns for a Global Contingent Program



Our customer is a global technology conglomerate that develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products.

The global Pontoon MSP program has $2.2B in spend under management and processes over 30,000 workers in 18 countries per year. Global scope includes the US, Canada, EMEA, India, and China. Statement of Work accounts for over 80% of program spend and includes compliance, worker classification, and RFx bid management. Pontoon also supports with quarterly PO renewals. We operate a 24×5 call centre to support the high volume program.

The customer’s aim was to align their contingent hiring program with internal goals of global consistency, full automation, and process efficiency improvements.

Our Approach


To support these global goals, Pontoon focused on 4 key areas: worker classification, worker tenure, call centre support, and cost efficiencies. We’ve developed a fully automated process for their contingent hiring program supported by a global and regional joint governance framework.

Worker Classification

To mitigate risk and ensure proper worker classification and correct procurement channels, Pontoon has created an elaborate quality inspection and consultation solution that was implemented globally. Now embedded in the Program Consultant process is 28 key quality checkpoints. Program Consultants follow specific requisition review and consult where needed throughout the quality framework to ensure full classification compliance.

Worker Tenure

To overcome varied regional differences in worker tenure calculations and an outdated manual process, Pontoon middleware was implemented to augment existing technology. The new technology saved considerable time in manual and complex rule calculations and ensured full tenure compliance. Automated reports are delivered to provide global visibility.

Call Centre Support

To support an inundated call centre, Pontoon focused on understanding key pillars of queries to educate hiring teams, reduce ticket volume, and improve customer satisfaction. We collaborated with the customer to implement video-on-demand training, contextual help guides, and consultant to end-user guidance. In addition, we created personalised customer dashboards. Cases of concern are now flagged for prompt Root Cause Analysis, so the process is continuously corrected and improved.

Cost Efficiency

To optimise costs and enable full bill rate compliance, Pontoon implemented procurement methodologies for supplier rate negotiations and a renewed focus on internal and market-rate analysis. A regional market rate comparison solution was implemented for the Program Consultant function to ensure cost efficiency, while market insights have created conservative supplier bidding and higher worker retention. In addition, Pontoon now manages the customer’s annual worker shutdown initiative – a large scale project that nets considerable savings. This project reach requires efficient management and strict enforcement from the Pontoon team.

Customer Results


Through several process improvements and technology enablers, the Pontoon MSP is now delivering an impressive $2.4M cost savings per quarter. Worker classification and tenure are near perfect in compliance. Support tickets have significantly decreased as the business is more educated about the hiring process and requirements. Bill rates are in line with internal and market numbers. Satisfaction with program service is at an all-time high.

All these improvements have aligned the program to the customer’s core goals of process efficiency, automation, and global consistency, allowing business leaders to focus on their core deliverables.

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