Technology-enabled Onboarding for a Global Aircraft Manufacturing Client



A majority of aviation executives (64%) expect their companies will hire mechanics over the next 3 years to expand their workforce, when 72% expect this search for qualified candidates to get much harder.

The need for specialised engineering mechanics in the aviation industry is at an all-time high when the pool of qualified candidates is at an all-time low – creating a true war for talent within aviation and a need for companies to not only attract but also retain this talent to meet the critical and time-sensitive projects they have in their pipelines.

Our client – a global aircraft manufacturing company – manages a critical program for the British government, DAFCS, and needed the talent to perform regular maintenance on the Chinooks at several Royal Air Force bases.

Attracting and retaining this talent is crucial, but ensuring this talent completes the necessary aviation and UK and US government onboarding and background/regulation checks, while keeping them engaged and not burdened by the completion of these tasks is exactly the challenge our client asked Pontoon to undertake.

Our Approach


After a thorough assessment of the existing process Pontoon’s team recommended and implemented Autologyx as the central Document Management System to manage both onboarding and candidate care for the client.

A key success factor of the new tech-enabled process was building it in a non-linear fashion which allowed for parallel processing of multiple onboarding steps – ultimately eliminating process roadblocks candidates encountered before and improving their overall experience.

  • Additional value-adds of the Autologyx solution include:
  • Mobile capabilities – allowing this “on the move” workforce to be able to complete the process conveniently
  • Pre-population of forms – many candidate details are pre-populated on the forms increasing both data accuracy and candidate experience
  • Bundling of onboarding documents – easier to distribute and extract for both Pontoon and the client needs
  • Intel capabilities – we are able to offer a variety of intelligent and relevant reporting and analytics to the client around this workforce and their onboarding

The implementation of Autologyx and adoption from both the client and the engineering mechanics workforce has allowed for a quicker and simplified onboarding process that meets the deadline-driven nature of this work.

Client Results


By the Pontoon team partnering with the client and understanding their challenge, then designing and implementing a highly effective and modular solution to digitize this process there have been clear results in both the speed to talent and satisfaction levels of both the hiring managers and candidates.

Tangible results included:

  • A 75% reduction of onboarding lead time from 16 weeks down to 4 weeks
  • Reduction of handoffs in the process – down to only 3
  • A 50% reduction of Pontoon FTEs to manage process