IT hiring with a flexible RPO solution for APAC

IT hiring with a flexible RPO solution for APAC


Hiring IT talent in APAC

A multinational Fortune 500 healthcare company needed to establish an IT Business Unit in Hyderabad, India. They sought our expertise to fill 150-200 positions annually, with varying time-to-fill requirements based on skill level. Pontoon’s strategic partnership enabled efficient talent acquisition, overcoming challenges related to scale, time-to-fill, and brand recognition.

The challenge

Securing high-quality talent in a difficult location

The client needed to quickly hire high-quality technical talent while maintaining flexibility. Additionally, with the client’s low brand recognition in India, attracting top-tier candidates was a significant hurdle.

How we helped

Scalable recruitment and enhanced employer brand

We worked closely with the client to create a custom talent acquisition strategy for IT hiring in India. This included scalable recruitment support, crafting detailed candidate profiles, and enhancing employer brand messaging.

Scalable recruitment support: We provided a flexible recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solution capable of scaling up or down based on the client’s fluctuating hiring needs. This adaptability was crucial in meeting varying demands over time.

Detailed candidate profiles: By crafting comprehensive candidate profiles, we ensured that the recruitment process was highly targeted. As a result, the candidates’ skills and experiences closely aligned with the client’s needs.

Employer brand enhancement: Recruiting under the client’s brand, we enhanced their employer brand messaging to improve visibility and attractiveness in a competitive IT hiring market. This included marketing campaigns, social media engagement, and highlighting the company’s values and career growth opportunities.


350 quality candidates matched with client needs

Pontoon’s RPO solution successfully established a strong presence in Hyderabad, delivering:

  • 80% of CV submittals converted to interviews: Precise candidate profiling and targeted sourcing resulted in a high rate of interview-worthy CVs.
  • 33% of regular skill interviews converted to offers: For positions requiring non-specialised skills, one-third of interviewed candidates received job offers, showcasing the effectiveness of our screening and interview process.
  • 25% of niche skill interviews converted to offers: Even for niche and highly specialised IT roles, a significant portion of interviewed candidates were deemed fit for job offers.
  • 350 technology-centric roles filled: Over the engagement period, we not only met but exceeded the client’s IT hiring targets.

Through our partnership, we ensured the client met their hiring goals, filling crucial roles and enhancing their market presence in APAC.

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