Transforming recruitment with automated resume screening

Transforming recruitment with automated resume screening


Revolutionising recruitment with AI-powered resume screening

Our client, a global technology company, was striving to optimise resume sourcing and screening across EMEA for various roles. However, they faced significant hurdles related to cost, headcount readiness, and manual processes. To achieve their target manually, they would need 37 FTEs in India. By leveraging screening and sourcing automation, we were able to reduce the number of required resources by over 75%, driving cost savings and consistent processes.

The challenge

High volume of resumes driving up costs

The client was managing 12,000+ resumes monthly across EMEA for multiple roles. This posed significant cost, speed, and quality challenges due to manual processes and high volumes.

How we helped

Automating resume screening with AI

Our initial estimate indicated that the client would need a team of 37 full-time employees (FTEs) based in India to deliver 77,000 resumes in six months. Instead, we proposed a solution powered by AI and machine learning to automate resume screening and sourcing.

By integrating a third-party AI-powered tool into the recruitment process, we were able to automatically filter and rank resumes based on predefined criteria. This significantly reduced the manual effort required, allowing a smaller team to manage a larger workload effectively. As a result, we achieved the desired output with just 8 team members, greatly enhancing efficiency and driving cost savings for the client.


Delivering 45% cost savings through innovation

We delivered 77,000 resumes within six months, effectively meeting client demands. The implementation of AI-powered resume screening led to a remarkable 45% cost savings and a 75% reduction in FTE requirements. This transformation not only optimised the client’s recruitment process but also ensured a higher quality of candidate selection, demonstrating the power of automation in addressing modern recruitment challenges.

By adopting AI and automation, the client not only streamlined their recruitment process but also positioned themselves for future growth and innovation in talent acquisition.

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