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There is no reason why your contingent employees can’t be managed as rigorously and expertly as your permanent ones – and there is every reason why they should be. Reduced costs. Improved worker quality. Greater regulatory compliance. These are just some of the things we can achieve by managing your contingent workforce more effectively.

We are currently recognized as the world leader in Managed Service Provider solutions. We also specialize in managing Statement of Work programs and are expert at using direct sourcing strategies to build your contingent talent pipeline.

Solutions overview

  • MSP We have unrivalled experience of managing MSP programs and currently work with around 150 clients all over the world.
  • Services Procurement Bring visibility, compliance and cost savings to all stages of the services procurement lifecycle.
  • Direct Sourcing Our state-of-the-art strategies help you build a talent community of contingent candidates

Pontoon is one of the few service providers with strong capabilities to handle very large and complex multi-continent MSP deals. This, coupled with its coverage of all forms of contingent talent and capability to offer advanced analytics solutions, positions it well to offer differentiated services to its clients.

Arkadev Basak, Practice Director, Everest Group

The consolidation of our considerable contingent workforce spend through Pontoon, especially through the introduction of technology, will enable Computacenter to better manage and reduce our costs.

Andy Moffitt, Group Professional Services Director, Computacenter

Pontoon was the first company to integrate all aspects of their global service delivery model for MSP offering customers, even those with the largest and most complex multi-country programs, an excellent and seamless service experience that is paying dividends in their consistent and industry leading rankings.

Elliot Clark, CEO, HRO Today Magazine

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Solution Overview

Contingent Talent Solutions

Whether you’re looking for Managed Service Provider (MSP) or Services Procurement solutions, we can help you make the right hiring decisions, enabling your organization to meet its business objectives.

October 27, 2017

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