Next Generation RPO

What is Next Gen RPO?

For clients with permanent workforces, Pontoon’s Next Generation RPO offers a streamlined recruitment process powered by supercharged technology, guaranteeing fast, continuous access to millions of quality candidates.

AI-powered tech stack

Supercharged tech stack with end-to-end, mobileoptimised, features including bots, digital interviewing, generative AI

Advanced Recruitment Marketing Platform

Global Recruitment Marketing Platform with millions of candidates, smart campaigning, AI-powered outreach with native job match and screening capability​

Career site

Integrated client-branded websites, with candidate fast-capture, programmatic job postings to increase DE&I, smart search/match, and bots​

What can you expect from Next Gen RPO?

Pontoon’s Next Generation RPO actively nurtures interested talent and cultivates your candidate pipeline through a customised career site. With our AI-powered tech stack, you gain tools to boost diversity and eliminate unconscious bias, further enhancing your hiring strategy and ensuring an inclusive workplace.

An automated and seamless end-to-end recruitment processes, designed for faster access to talent

Higher quality of candidates thanks to intuitive, robust technology

An enhanced candidate journey thanks to a personalised experience ensured by a holistic tech infrastructure

Embrace the next generation of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Download the one-pager to learn more about how Pontoon’s Next Gen RPO can support you in your talent acquisition journey.


Case Studies

Take a look at how we have partnered with our clients to create solutions for their permanent workforce.

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Case Studies
Case Studies