Case Study


Financial institutions are fundamental to daily life. It’s the bank employees, the people supporting daily operations, that deposit real value. When a global bank collaborates with more than 50 million customers on any given day, their workforce solution is important to millions of people.

You may be one of them.

Our client operates in 150 countries with a contingent labor headcount of 13,000 workers under management, 60% IT and 40% non-IT. Pontoon manages $1 billion in annualized spend across 72 countries.

Experiencing rapid growth through five large mergers and acquisitions and six divestitures, our client required a strategic partner that could deliver a global solution, with a global operating and governance model. There were legacy organizations with various processes and governance models, varied and inflated market rates among vendors, over 1,300 vendors supporting the program and service center locations that were not strategically located. Most importantly, our client wanted a simple, standard and scalable solution.

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